Marboro Theather
Brooklyn, New York
Built 1927 ~ Closed July 2, 2002

Let's all go to the Lobby... get ourselves a Treat!
The Nestea and Hi-C dispensers are still full
Theater 1
Rescued from Theater 1.
Clockwise from top: Mo, Bucky Buddha, George Prissy
(Photo by MW)
Stained glass Fire Hose doors are 1927 originals
(Photo by MW)
Theater 2
(3rd Photo by MW)
Stairs up to Theater 3
Theater 3, formerly the left half of the balcony
Theater 4, the other half of the balcony
The original projection booth, above the balcony, hasn't been used
since the theater's converstion to a 4-plex
Old exhaust fan, above Theater 3
Marquee letters
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(Photo by MW)