Meserole Theather
723 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

The 1,200-seat Meserole opened in the first half of the 1920s as part of the Small & Strausberg circuit. Due to a series of acquisitions and name changes, the theater subsequently operated under the Fox, Randforce, and United Artists banners. After being shuttered by UA in the early 1980s, the building has housed a roller disco, a discount store, and a Genovese - now Eckerd - pharmacy. Amazingly, most of the interior detail has been preserved despite its many reuses.

The Meserole Theater, now an Eckerd pharmacy
Sales are announced on slides projected on the screen
Ceiling detail, with paper towels
Looking toward the balcony from the greeting card aisle
Detail under balcony

All photos taken August 4, 2004 by Chris Sattler

Meserole Theater on Cinema Treasures

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