Electric Railroadres Association - New York Division

Redbird Fan Trip

December 8, 2002

R-38 A train, Broad Channel
R-32, Broad Channel
Excursion train passes through Broad Channel
R-44 A train, Rockaway Blvd
R-38 A train, Rockaway Blvd
Excursion train at Rockaway Blvd
Construction at Atlantic Ave, Canarsie Line
Excursion train ascends ramp from Broadway el to Canarsie Line and passes through Atlantic Ave
R-42, East 105 St
Excursion train relays at East 105 St
Train Operator Tony "D-Types"
Former Canarsie Line Right-of-Way, Glenwood Rd to Flatlands Ave
Grumman 870 (NJT 1540/ex-NYCT 688) at Jetaway Bus Co., Glenwood Rd
Excursion train layed up in Canarsie Yard with R-26 school cars 7770-7771
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